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San Diego Tattoo Appointments January 2022

$80.00 / Sold Out

*Appointments for Flying Panther Tattoo San Diego*

(Important note: I will have a large selection of original drawings, original pinups, and flash to choose from. You are welcome to choose from any of these at the time of your appointment, otherwise, please let me know in the message section if you are wanting a custom tattoo!)

Hello! Please choose your desired appointment from the drop down menu. All appointments require an $80 dollar deposit which will go toward the price of your tattoo.

***Please leave your PHONE NUMBER so that I am able to contact you! Once your deposit is paid, I will text you for placement/ideas prior to your appointment (it's absolutely ok if you're not sure yet and I will also have a book of flash/designs to choose from if you want to pick from those!).***

Deposits are by nature non-refundable, but, if you give me a heads up, I will be happy to reschedule your appointment. Should you have extenuating circumstances, please be sure to contact me prior to your appointment, or your deposit will be forfeit. Please contact me if you have any questions. Thank you, and see you soon!

PS If you are scheduling an appointment for a tattoo convention location, please note that it is not my responsibility to cover your $20 entry fee. I am sorry that I just had to insult the intelligence of the majority of you by saying that, but it has definitely come up before.

PPS If you have a concern or an unanswered query, you are not bugging me by contacting me :)